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Bejeweled Blitz


It always auto renews my Boosts. I can't turn it off. It continues until my coins are gone. It frequently automatically selects the Autumnthyst game or the Phoenix game. It should have a build in "are you sure" prompt. It's just not enough time.

Very challenging. Wish the ads were a bit shorter.

Bejeweled Blitz

Been playing this game for years,love it...

Play it everyday!

Been playing it for ages. Love it!

Bejewled blitz

Puzzle game


Took all away but has been ok nw

7 months since lost over 1 million pts, no problems since. Mind numbing to play for awhile.

Great game.

Really love the different perks and high scores possible to compete with friends

Wonderful game its so addictive

It's so easy and entertaining



Fun & addictive

Love The Game


Always awesome and challenging

Oh yeah

Love it

Tonya's bejeweled blitz

Loved this game so much I have to install on all my phones each time I get new one

Bejeweled blitz

I really like it I'm glad you fix things when they happen.

Enjoying playing when waiting at appointments great way to pass the time

Bejeweled Blitz

Love this game it is addictive

I've been playing for awhile now. Outside of the glitches, I enjoyed it...until lost all of the coins I worked so hard for, over 2hundred million! I had collected 50 items...well I won't be playing anymore. I am going to delete this game!

Frozen, really enjoy this game This is a second review. I play it often, it has many glitches. The score cheats, also your powers, aren't powerful anymore. I'll continue to play for now.

King Blue of DaJewels

Da Sovereign


My favorite game, like an old friend. My "go to" game.

Love it..

I'm so a addicted this game.... It's a real brain teaser..

Excellent game


Puzzle game that's fun for any age!

Loved it!!!!!!!!

Dude's, ya should try this game out!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂


How can I turn it off? 😣😬

Bejeweled Blitz

Awesome, addicting & great way to pass time.



Bejeweled Blitz

I love this game! But the last few days it won't let me have my free retry! It has no problem letting me use coins to try, but not the free turn!!!

New Bugs

This game will not log into facebook to compete with friends. FB privacy settings do not correct the problem.

12-6-2016 Once again in a bonus round and get kicked out, recieved a new gem and only used it once, no option for streak.

I keep getting messages that bejeweled has stopped responding. Its bad enough during game play but during free play. Either way we lose. Also i dont know how long i have been playing this game but not once i have recieved three blue diamonds. 11-27, just went in to bonus area and was kicked out before i even had a chance to play



Please fix!!!!

The gems either won't download or take a long time to download. This happens regardless of the good wifi/mobile connection that I have.

Been playing this game forever

It's a great brainteaser/ strategy game.

Having trouble loading

I love this game but lately I can't get my gems to load. Really getting annoyed!

Kept stopping constantly

Really annoying. Would not recommend to anyone

It is always stopping I don't think its as much fun as it was when I first started playing , then you started all thesse other bejeweled games